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My name is Oskar. I’m a passionate programmer always looking to learn and improve. I work professionally as a COBOL developer but in my spare time I work on my own handmade game engine and tools. Currently, I am building a game called Brainroll.

I have always had an easier time remembering things after I've written them down, and that's what led me to explore the world of programming. Writing code has become a way for me to keep track of my thoughts and ideas and a creative outlet that allows me to bring them to life.

Paid Subscriber Benefits

As a paid subscriber you are helping me become self-sufficient allowing me to spend more time working on the things I truly love. All paid subscribers will be given access to my game engine codebase and the accompanying subscriber discord channel.

If you have become a paid subscriber and want access to the codebase please contact me as I have not set up any automated system around this yet.


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Systems developer at Visma Enterprise. Working on my own game engine and game in my spare time.